Cloudskipper Music Player 2.0.4

A no hassle, *ad-free*, easy to use music player w/ sharing & lockscreen

We released Cloudskipper just 4 months ago and so far the response has been very positive, thank you! If we're missing features, it's only because we're just getting started.

Want something? Just tell us! Use the Feedback button in the app or email us:

We respond to everyone =)

*** TOP 5 FEATURE REQUESTS (& others):

** IN DEVELOPMENT: Album art manager, Mixes, and much more...

* UPCOMING: Folder management, landscape view, and more...


Library Features
- left & right swipe navigation
- create and edit playlists
- delete tracks, albums, etc.
- large album artwork
- persistent mini-player
- intuitive UI
- Create ringtones from songs in 2 clicks

Social Sharing
- share on Facebook & Twitter
- easily add friends to your message
- for Facebook we’ll notify your added friends by posting on their wall
- for Twitter add their @name to your post
- automatically add YouTube video to post
- preview YouTube video before sending
- 50+ preset messages

- easy access & always available
- higher buttons: great for thumbs!
- share button - share what's playing with friends
- playlist count w/ link to list
- progress bar & remaining time
- album artwork, track name, and artist
- play/pause, rewind, fast forward
- click to open Audio Player
- most advanced mini-player view on the market

Audio Player
- on-screen volume slider (optional)
- thumb-happy UI
- controls fade out when not in use
- hide status bar (optional)
- loop & shuffle
- playback scrubber
- large album artwork
- Equalizer (EQ), Bass Boost, Reverb, and Virtualizer (Android 2.3+)

Lock Screen
- playback controls controls
- Camera & LED flashlight
- on-screen volume slider (optional)
- silent / vibrate toggle
- playlist count
- album artwork, track name, and artist
- play/pause, rewind, fast forward
- 24 hr clock (optional)
- most advanced player lock screen on the market

- single row mini-player
- Share tracks with one click
- more versions coming soon

About Us

We're Mike and Radley, a couple of music fans who build media players for a living. We wanted to build the most fun, efficient, hassle free music player we could imagine.

We're fanatical about bugs and crashes! We receive a notification for any crash/freeze and jump to fix it. The update goes up usually within minutes, so please keep an eye out for updates.

Last Updated:2015-06-10 15:03:11
File size:8.59MB

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